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What's New?
New ETA-PD8A - Now with 9 outlets and 1 front panel always-on outlet! Now in stock!!
New ETA-PD8LA - Now with 9 outlets, 1 front & 1 back always-on, and L.E.D. pull out light!!
• New 20 Amp Rack mounted Power Conditioners: ETA-S20, ETA-S20RT
• New 6 circuit Economical Sequencer Controller: ETA-SEQ6
• New 30A Electrical Control Module: ETA-ECM30
• New 60A Power Distribution in Raceway Form: ETA-ECM2063
• New Shorter Raceway Housings: ECM-RACEWY1, ECM-RACEWY3

ETA Systems was founded in Ohio in 1977 as a supplier of analog theatrical lighting equipment for musicians and bands traveling the hotel circuit in the 70s and 80s. In the years since, ETA Systems has migrated away from lighting control products to a position as one of the leading manufacturers of products designed to distribute, sequence, condition, manage, and control electrical power for the integrated audio and video marketplaces. Today, ETA offers an extensive line of rack mounted and stand alone power protection, power management, and power modules designed to protect the ultra-sensitive digital electronic equipment used in pro audio and AV applications.

Why is Power Important?
Your electronics are expected to function reliably without fail at the highest level of performance but fluctuations and irregularities in AC can affect both the power quality and the safety of your system. ETA Systems improves and protects your audio, video and other highly sensitive equipment with the most comprehensive and effective solutions for the distribution, control, management, and conditioning of AC power.

Why ETA Power Products?
ETA is proud to provide the most reliable protection, supply clean efficient power, and simplify your system installations. ETA products will improve a system's efficiency through increased constant power flow, higher levels of circuit performance, noise filtered power, and increased protection against dangerous surges and spikes. Common features in ETA's conditioners, sequencers, and suppressors include dual stage protection circuitry across all three legs of AC power (Line to Neutral, Neutral to Ground, Line to Ground), electromagnetic and radio frequency filters, and watchdog circuitry for protection status and abnormal voltage monitoring.
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